Date 2023.07.01  Time 13:24  Views 193  Functions Functions
Candies in the game leaderboards Candies have been added as additional rewards in game leaderboards. Each rank from 4 to 6 gives one candy. The number of candies is taken into account in the main ranking of players on the site, in case the number of all medals is the same. Each candy also gives a certain number of points.

The number of points that the medals give has also been updated. The number of points on the site remains as the next ranking criteria, it is taken into account after the number of the candies.

These are the main rewards given in the game leaderboards:

80 points for each gold medal
40 points for each silver medal
20 points for each bronze medal
10 points for 4th to 6th place in the ranking
1 point for 7th to 20th place in ranking

It should be noted that if a player has already won,...
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Date 2022.09.30  Time 13:05  Views 1189  Functions Functions
New Rules and Items Collection From October 2022, the site will have a renewed design and new ranking rules. Additionally, there will be a new collection of items that can be earned in games or purchased with virtual points.

Ranking rules on the site are subject to change. As more number of medals will be taken into account to determine the place in the ranking. Since the points will be able to be used to purchase items, they can no longer be used to determine the leaderboard.

The collection of various virtual items can be earned in certain games. The rules by which it can be won are indicated on each item's page. Some items can be purchased using the virtual points that are earned on the site. There are unique items that can only be owned one at a time and others that can be purchased or earned a lot. Each item...
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Date 2017.04.21  Time 21:59  Views 1676  Functions Functions
HighScore Table Rules Rules for rating the players in the site general HighScore table are updated. Here you can find a detailed list of the points and the events for which they are awarded.

All players in the site who have won some points can be seen in the page top players.

In the page with top players all players in the site are ordered by points that they earned. There are points awarded for events in any time period and bonus points awarded for events in the last 30 days in order to make the rating table more dynamic.

+50 points for each golden medal
+25 points for each silver medal
+10 points for each bronze medal
+1 points for each rating
+3 points for each submitted game
+2 points for each added friend
+1 points for each submitted comment

Bonus points for events in the last 30...
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