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Candies in the game leaderboards Candies have been added as additional rewards in game leaderboards. Each rank from 4 to 6 gives one candy. The number of candies is taken into account in the main ranking of players on the site, in case the number of all medals is the same. Each candy also gives a certain number of points.

The number of points that the medals give has also been updated. The number of points on the site remains as the next ranking criteria, it is taken into account after the number of the candies.

These are the main rewards given in the game leaderboards:

Gold Medal 80 points for each gold medal
Silver Medal 40 points for each silver medal
Bronze medal 20 points for each bronze medal
Candy 10 points for 4th to 6th place in the ranking
Ranking 1 point for 7th to 20th place in ranking

It should be noted that if a player has already won, for example, a silver medal (40 points) in the game, winning a gold medal will award an additional 40 points, bringing the total number of game points earned to 80, which are awarded for a gold medal. Thus, no more than 80 points can be earned from a given game.

You can read all the rules of the leaderboard and what points are awarded here: Rules of the leaderboard. If you have ideas on how to improve the leaderboard rules, you can write to us from Contact page.

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