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The Best Solitaire Games Solitaire is a type of card games that can be played by one player. The aim of the game is to collect all the cards by arranging them in a certain manner. Different games of solitaire have different rules in accordance to which the cards can be collected. The game is also called Patience in some regions of the world. It can also be played in a head-to-head manner and the winner is selected by a scoring scheme.

There are a lot of variations of the solitaire game. One or more decks of cards can be used, there are different layouts of the cards, the rules in which the cards are sorted are also varying. Many variants of the solitaire games are turned into games that can be played online. Many solitaire games online that can be played in internet. You can find a wide range of the best solitaire games on this page with solitaire games online.

A solitaire game usually starts with dealing cards from a shuffled deck into a predefined pattern according to witch the cards are arranged. The player tries to reorder the deck by suit and rank through a series of moves transferring cards from one place to another under given rules. Some solitaire games may allow the reshuffling of the deck or the placement of cards into empty locations. In the most familiar, general form of solitaire, the object of the game is to build up four blocks of cards going from ace to king in each suit, taking cards from the layout if they appear on the table.

Pyramid Solitaire Mummy's CursePyramid solitaire is a very entertaining type of solitaire games. In this genre the cards are arranged in the shape of a pyramid on the playing field. There are some cards that are left hidden. The task of the game is to remove all the cards under the given rules. Usually the player can remove cards that are making up the sum of 13 or cards that are adjacent in order to the card shown in the base. If there is no possible move the player can open more cards from the deck. Such games can be found on this page with pyramid solitaire games. A very interesting solitaire game of this genre is the game Pyramid Solitaire Mummy's Curse where you can play a game of solitaire in the exciting atmosphere of the ancient Egyptian empire.

You can play more card games on this page with card games online.

Enjoy playing and share with us your favourite solitaire games!


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