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Enter the Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a cartoon series on Cartoon Network. The creator of the series base some of the characters on personages which were previously rejected in his last work. He combines these heroes in a series with mixed thematic - family and school, which was very interesting for Cartoon Network at that time. The series turns around the live of a 12 years old boy cat who is called Gumball Watterson and his friends in an imaginary city called Elmor. There Gumball spends most of his time with his adopted brother golden fish and his best friend Darwin. Other members of his family are his intellectual sister Anais and his father Richart, both of them rabbits, and his mother Nicole - a cat. Gumball is going to school in the local high junior school in Elmor. There he meets his beloved Penny - a beautiful peanut. A very interesting element of the series is The Void - a dimension inside Elmor where reside the mistakes of the universe.

Games in the amazing world of Gumball

Games in the amazing world of Gumball Gumball and Darwin are main characters in many Cartoon Network games. The two heroes have big fantasy which creates amazing ideas. The series has also funny references to many other popular games like Super Mario and Dragon Ball. You can find many games with the heroes in this page: games with Gumball. Here Gumball and his friends take part in games with snow balls, football, bowling, games in the water, on the construction site, games in school, fighting, drawing, snowboard, climbing and many others.

Gumball Trophy Challenge

The game Gumball Trophy Challenge sets the heroes in an exciting adventure where they can compete with each other. Throw the dice and go forward with your hero. Each field is hiding fun mini games and surprises.

Gumball Blind Fooled

In the game Gumball Blind Fooled Gumball and Darwin are blind folded and they count on the instructions from Anais to avoid dangerous obstacles and find each other.

Penalty Power

Gumball takes part in a game with penalties with other popular character from Cartoon Network. In this game you can show your skills in performing penalties and goalkeeping.

Table Tennis Tournament

Gumball takes part also in a table tennis game. Here you can play with many other cartoon characters of Cartoon Network. In this game you must go through various opponents with mighty skills in order to win the trophy.

Bowling Game

Gumball is a main character in a bowling game where he takes part together with other popular characters of Cartoon Network. You will face strong opponents in this game. You must defeat them all in order to win the big bowling prize.

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