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New Rules and Items Collection From October 2022, the site will have a renewed design and new ranking rules. Additionally, there will be a new collection of items that can be earned in games or purchased with virtual points.

Ranking rules on the site are subject to change. As more number of medals will be taken into account to determine the place in the ranking. Since the points will be able to be used to purchase items, they can no longer be used to determine the leaderboard.

The collection of various virtual items can be earned in certain games. The rules by which it can be won are indicated on each item's page. Some items can be purchased using the virtual points that are earned on the site. There are unique items that can only be owned one at a time and others that can be purchased or earned a lot. Each item has a description and interesting information on the item page. Items can also be purchased to gift to another user on the site. He, in turn, must confirm the acceptance of the gift, and can refuse it.

Users on the site now also have levels that depend on points earned on the site.

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Street Ball Star
Street Ball Star Become a true street basketball star in this retro online game. Your goal in the game is to score as many times as you can without missing the target. The game has two different modes that you can play. Focus on the ball and pay attention to the wind. Collect coins with every perfect basket. Win prizes and items to unlock new areas.
Power Rangers X-Borg Blaster
Power Rangers X-Borg Blaster Play as Red Ranger from Power Rangers in this online shooting game with ricochets. The goal of the game is to hit all the opponents with as few shots as possible. In each level you are entitled to three shots. Use ricochets, teleports and other mechanisms to be able to hit all the targets in the game. Grab the ranger and aim the shot to fire.
Alien Princess
Alien Princess Play with two alien princesses from the Avatar movie series in this online dress up game. The two princesses are very similar and at the same time very different. One of them lives in the forest and likes clothes from vines and feathers, and the other lives by the ocean and makes her clothes from pearls, seaweed, fish scales and coral. Join the wild fashion parade of princesses in this game. Dress up the alien princesses, choose tattoos, makeup and authentic hairstyles.
It's Dark Out There
It's Dark Out There Enter the dark cave with Scooby Doo and his friends in this online game. Help Scooby Doo to save himself from the ghosts and monsters in the game. Show quick reactions and remove the evil eyes of the monsters before they catch any of the characters in the game.
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