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Date 2018.05.10  Time 18:31  Views 5621  Games Games
adventure time finn and jake cartoon network
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Adventure Time is one of the most remarkable TV shows on Cartoon Network. In spite of the fact that the cartoon series are created for children, they also attract teenagers and adults. Finn and Jake are the main characters in the series, they are living in a fantastic world, full of wonderful heroes. Finn is human and Jake is his dog who has magical powers and he can change his shape and size. Finn and Jake live in the post apocalyptic world of Ooo, which is a result of a nuclear war that occurred several thousands year before.

Besides Finn and Jake who are constantly involved in exciting adventures, there are also many more characters in the series. Princess Bubblegum is the sovereign of the Candy Kingdom and a sentient piece of gum. The Ice King is a menacing but largely...
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Date 2022.09.30  Time 13:05  Views 173  Games Games
New Rules and Items Collection From October 2022, the site will have a renewed design and new ranking rules. Additionally, there will be a new collection of items that can be earned in games or purchased with virtual points.

Ranking rules on the site are subject to change. As more number of medals will be taken into account to determine the place in the ranking. Since the points will be able to be used to purchase items, they can no longer be used to determine the leaderboard.

The collection of various virtual items can be earned in certain games. The rules by which it can be won are indicated on each item's page. Some items can be purchased using the virtual points that are earned on the site. There are unique items that can only be owned one at a time and others that can be purchased or earned a lot. Each item...
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Date 2020.11.14  Time 10:51  Views 2443  Games Games
gumball cartoon network
Enter the Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a cartoon series on Cartoon Network. The creator of the series base some of the characters on personages which were previously rejected in his last work. He combines these heroes in a series with mixed thematic - family and school, which was very interesting for Cartoon Network at that time. The series turns around the live of a 12 years old boy cat who is called Gumball Watterson and his friends in an imaginary city called Elmor. There Gumball spends most of his time with his adopted brother golden fish and his best friend Darwin. Other members of his family are his intellectual sister Anais and his father Richart, both of them rabbits, and his mother Nicole - a cat. Gumball is going to school in the local high junior school in Elmor. There he meets his...
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Date 2017.04.21  Time 21:59  Views 1160  Functions Functions
HighScore Table Rules Rules for rating the players in the site general HighScore table are updated. Here you can find a detailed list of the points and the events for which they are awarded.

All players in the site who have won some points can be seen in the page top players.

In the page with top players all players in the site are ordered by points that they earned. There are points awarded for events in any time period and bonus points awarded for events in the last 30 days in order to make the rating table more dynamic.

+50 points for each golden medal
+25 points for each silver medal
+10 points for each bronze medal
+1 points for each rating
+3 points for each submitted game
+2 points for each added friend
+1 points for each submitted comment

Bonus points for events in the last 30...
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Date 2017.02.01  Time 16:49  Views 16085  Games Games
game shakers nickelodeon
Game Shakers Online Games Game Shakers is a television series on Nickelodeon. The series tells the story of Babe and Kenzie, funny girls in seventh grade who create a multimillion company for games. The two girls have as a business partner the rap star Double G. There are also starring Tripple G, the son of Double G, who is a games consultant, and Hudson, who is testing the games of Game Shakers. The series Game Shakers includes also many funny games, some of which you can play online on the Nickelodeon web site or in the site for flash game at the page online games from Game Shakers.

The episodes, created by Dan Schneider, are full with many fun moments with the main heroes. Babe is a 12 years old girl, she is determined to achieve what she wants and she can go very far in order to do it. Babe is self...
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Date 2016.08.08  Time 12:25  Views 4667  Games Games
soy luna disney music
Soy Luna Games Soy Luna is an Argentinian television series which is produced with the cooperation of Disney Channel. The original title of the series means I am Luna in translation from Spanish. The series tells the story of Luna and her passion for the roller skates, dances and music. Luna used to live in Mexico, where she was making food deliveries using her roller skates. The life of Luna changes a lot when she moves together with her family to Argentina. There she continues to ride her roller skates and she meets many new friends. On the roller skate field Luna meets also the charming Mateo. The role of Luna is performed by the Mexican actress Karol Sevilla, and the main male character of Mateo is played by Ruggero Pasquarelli. Karol Sevilla is also a very good singer and she performs lots of music...
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Penalty Shooters 2
Penalty Shooters 2 This is a second part of the football tournament that is held only in penalties. Here you can show your accurate shot and goal saving skills. Be careful in choosing the shot and aim in one of the extreme points of the goal where the goalkeeper cannot get the ball. You must also show your quick reactions at the goal and reach the place of the opponent's shot as quickly as possible to get the ball. Score more goals in each match to win.
Checkers with Buddies
Checkers with Buddies Play checkers with players from the whole world in this online game. Move your pins and jump over the opponent's pins to win the game. You can play with a random player online or create a game and play with a friend.
Penalty Shooters
Penalty Shooters This is a football tournament that will be held only in penalties. Here you can show your accurate shot and goal saving skills. Be careful in choosing the shot and aim in one of the extreme points of the goal where the goalkeeper cannot get the ball. You must also show your quick reactions at the goal and reach the place of the opponent's shot as quickly as possible to get the ball. Score more goals in each match to win and advance in the game.
Tap Tap Dunk
Tap Tap Dunk Play with the ball and make it hop to score in this online basketball game. Try to dunk as many times as you can and increase your combo. Avoid the backboard, touching it will break your combo. Once you get an 8x multiplier, your ball starts burning and you get even more points with each dunk. Keep in mind that the game will become more difficult with each scored point.
Birdy Rush
Birdy Rush Play with the cute little bird in this online game. Your task is to avoid the falling blocks and help the bird to survive. This bird cannot fly so you can only walk left and right and climb the blocks. Unlock new bird buddies and beautiful sceneries and try to earn as many points as you can. Collect the falling grains to get extra points.
Blocky Warrior
Blocky Warrior This is an exciting challenging puzzle battle game. You take the role of a fearless warrior who will face countless enemies. Connect three or more blocks in a line to perform an action. Each successful matching will give you experience points and the action performed depends on the blocks themselves. The more blocks you match, the more experience you receive and the stronger the action. You need xp to level up and become stronger. Perform actions quickly to reset the enemy's attack bar. You can also use skills displayed on the bottom.
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