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papa louie arcade restaurant adventure
Papa Louie Arcade and Restaurant Games Papa Louie is a serious businessman who owns a big restaurant chain. Each restaurant is specialized and offer a specific menu of meals to its customers. The management of the restaurant is of a big importance. Unfortunately Papa Louie has to travel very often and he cannot manage all the restaurants on his own.

Papa Louie games offer lots of entertainment. You can play various Papa Louie restaurant games where you have to take control over the restaurant and service the clients. There is also a pack of Papa Louie arcade games that offers many exciting adventures with the employees and the customers of the popular restaurant chain.

Papa Louie's Restaurants

Your task in the restaurant games is to take control and service the clients. The games offer a big variety of foods that can...
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Speed Master
Speed Master This game will take you on a journey with buzzy cars and lots of adrenaline. The sound of the engine and the thrill of speed on the road are a major part of the game. Get in the car and race with the best in the world. Collect power-ups, avoid obstacles and push opponents off the track to make your way. Use the collected points to improve your car.
Cooking in the City of Winds
Cooking in the City of Winds The culinary feast begins in the windy city with this online cooking game. Contestants from all over the country have come to show off their cooking skills. They will prepare their favorite dishes to impress the townspeople. Join the celebration and prepare different dishes, desserts and drinks. Do not forget that the dishes should not only be tasty, but should also look as impressive as possible.
Cowboys vs Robots
Cowboys vs Robots Pull out the cowboy guns and fend off the robots in this online action game. Shoot and stop the attacking robots before they break through your defenses and reach you. The levels will become increasingly difficult and will be a real challenge for your shooting skills. Destroy all opponents and collect all stars and as many points as possible in the game.
Egg Farm
Egg Farm Enter the egg farm and have fun with the hungry fox in this online game. Move quickly left and right and don't drop the tasty eggs. Complete the objectives in each level to advance in the game. Collect the eggs and be careful not to catch any rotten eggs.
Black Gold Plumber
Black Gold Plumber Become an oil tycoon with this logical online game. Oil is also called black gold because it is one of the most expensive raw materials. In this game, your task is to connect the pipes so that the oil flows to the surface. Rotate the tubes and make a connected line of tubes so that you don't drop a single drop of the black gold.
Jungle 5 Diffs
Jungle 5 Diffs Enter the jungle and have fun with the animals in this online spot the difference game. The game includes 20 exciting levels with many interesting animals in the jungle. The two pictures look the same at first glance, but there are 5 differences between each pair. Your task is to find 5 differences in each level. Find the differences between the pictures as fast as you can to get more points in the game.
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