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game shakers nickelodeon
Game Shakers Online Games Game Shakers is a television series on Nickelodeon. The series tells the story of Babe and Kenzie, funny girls in seventh grade who create a multimillion company for games. The two girls have as a business partner the rap star Double G. There are also starring Tripple G, the son of Double G, who is a games consultant, and Hudson, who is testing the games of Game Shakers. The series Game Shakers includes also many funny games, some of which you can play online on the Nickelodeon web site or in the site for flash game at the page online games from Game Shakers.

The episodes, created by Dan Schneider, are full with many fun moments with the main heroes. Babe is a 12 years old girl, she is determined to achieve what she wants and she can go very far in order to do it. Babe is self...
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sam and cat nickelodeon
Sam and Cat Games Sam and Cat are two of the most fun girls that you can watch in a television series on Nickelodeon. Sam and Cat is a combination of the series iCarly and Victorious. The actress Jennette McCurdy performes the role of Sam and Ariana Grande plays the role of Cat. Sam and Cat meet by accident in a very strange circumstances while Sam tries to help Cat who is in trouble. After that the two girls become room mates and they become their own business as a child caring agency so they make some extra money. There are also other interesting characters besides Sam and Cat. Dice is their neighbour, Nona is the grandma of Cat and Goomer is a MMA fighter.

All the devices in the series Sam and Cat are with the lof of a pear.

There are many funny moments with the naive Cat and the coarse Sam. They...
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Flower Blast
Flower Blast Play with colorful flowers in this puzzle online game. Use the chain reaction and make all the flowers blast. You can start with a flower on the playing field which you want to send its petals to the sides. The game starts with some easy levels where you can get the hang of it, however it will become more difficult and you will need to consider well the chain reactions in order to hit all the flowers.
Mahjong Journey
Mahjong Journey Embark on an exciting journey with this online mahjong game. The goal in the game is to remove all the mahjong tiles. Connect the tiles by couples to remove them. You can remove only tiles which can be move to the left or right without hitting other tiles.
1 Bird 1 Color 1 Target
1 Bird 1 Color 1 Target Hundreds of little colorful birds will fly in this online game. Each bird has one goal - to find the corresponding color. Your task in the game is to help the birds find their color. Show your skills and quick reactions and move the colors so that each bird finds its target. Any mistake will take away from the liquid in the color containers, if any liquid runs out it will be game over. Try to reach as high a score as possible in the game.
Happy Farm Solitaire
Happy Farm Solitaire Enter the happy farm and play in this classic solitaire game. Start an exciting game and arrange all the cards in the main columns from ace to king. You can move the cards around in descending order and alternating color. Open new cards from the deck if you don't see any moves and unlock all the cards in order to be able to finish the game.
Sir Coins a Lot 2
Sir Coins a Lot 2 This is a second part of this classic pacman game with a medieval theme. The objective of the game is to collect all the coins while avoiding the enemies in the game. In the corridors of the labyrinth you will find weapons and other items that will give you different skills. Take the sword so you can defeat the enemies along the way, the bombs will give you extra speed or put the enemies to sleep. You have three lives in each level, if you lose them it's game over. You can save your score from the settings menu in the game.
Car Crash Simulator
Car Crash Simulator Get ready for a total car smash in this online crash simulator game. Drive your car on different terrains and complete the tasks to complete each level of the game. You can participate in crash testing the car or compete with other car racers. Drive your car on different ramps and have fun while doing dangerous jumps and stunts.
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