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sam and cat

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sam and cat nickelodeon
Sam and Cat Games Sam and Cat are two of the most fun girls that you can watch in a television series on Nickelodeon. Sam and Cat is a combination of the series iCarly and Victorious. The actress Jennette McCurdy performes the role of Sam and Ariana Grande plays the role of Cat. Sam and Cat meet by accident in a very strange circumstances while Sam tries to help Cat who is in trouble. After that the two girls become room mates and they become their own business as a child caring agency so they make some extra money. There are also other interesting characters besides Sam and Cat. Dice is their neighbour, Nona is the grandma of Cat and Goomer is a MMA fighter.

All the devices in the series Sam and Cat are with the lof of a pear.

There are many funny moments with the naive Cat and the coarse Sam. They...
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Time Mahjong
Time Mahjong Race with the time in this online mahjong game. Your goal is to clear all the tiles from the board. You can do that by connecting the same mahjong tiles. You can connect only tiles which are free on the side and are not blocked by other tiles.
Toy Factory
Toy Factory Play with fun toys in the toy factory in this online puzzle game. Your task is to clear all the blocks by destroying them by groups. In the end you have to bring all the toys to the ground so you can collect them.
Bubble Charms 2
Bubble Charms 2 The colorful adventure with sparkling bubble charms continues in the second part of this online puzzle game. Clear the bubbles on the playing field by matching them by color. Reach the goal in each level to advance in the game. Do your best and do not let the bubbles fill up the playing field. Use different bonus bubbles and your pet's skills to achieve the goals in the game.
BFFs E-Girl vs Soft Girl
BFFs E-Girl vs Soft Girl Ellie and her best friends will try out different fashion styles in this online dress up game. Girls will try style of modern internet kids and a cute romantic style. The two styles are very modern but with opposite understandings. One style transforms cute and romantic girls with lots of pink colors. Ellie and her friends will try both styles and you have to help them create their own unique look.
Bubble Charms
Bubble Charms Enter a colorful adventure with sparkling bubble charms in this online puzzle game. Your task is to clear as many bubbles as you can and achieve the highest score possible. Do your best and do not let the bubbles fill up the stage.
Cat Simulator
Cat Simulator This is a fun online game that simulates the life of a cat. Here you can enter the life of a domestic cat. Run, drink milk, chase mice and experience many other endless adventures with the kitten in the game. Collect coins and use them to buy milk, food or hats. Don't forget to go to bed on time so that the kitten can rest.
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