Date 2023.10.13  Time 21:12  Views 374  Functions Functions
New additional features in the site The site has new collections of items and new special additional features. The new features are locked by default. When the relevant conditions are met, these features become available to registered users of the site. Special functions are, for example, the following:

- Name color change
- Changing the color of the site
- Get twice as many points from leaderboards

There is a new option to change the name color in the user settings page. With this feature, users will be able to choose what color their name should be displayed on all pages of the site. This feature will be available after all items from the Fruits collection have been collected.

The site color change feature was already available from the profile settings. It now requires the user to have reached level ten to...
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Date 2023.07.01  Time 13:24  Views 627  Functions Functions
Candies in the game leaderboards Candies have been added as additional rewards in game leaderboards. Each rank from 4 to 6 gives one candy. The number of candies is taken into account in the main ranking of players on the site, in case the number of all medals is the same. Each candy also gives a certain number of points.

The number of points that the medals give has also been updated. The number of points on the site remains as the next ranking criteria, it is taken into account after the number of the candies.

These are the main rewards given in the game leaderboards:

80 points for each gold medal
40 points for each silver medal
20 points for each bronze medal
10 points for 4th to 6th place in the ranking
1 point for 7th to 20th place in ranking

It should be noted that if a player has already won,...
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Date 2022.09.30  Time 13:05  Views 1562  Functions Functions
New Rules and Items Collection From October 2022, the site will have a renewed design and new ranking rules. Additionally, there will be a new collection of items that can be earned in games or purchased with virtual points.

Ranking rules on the site are subject to change. As more number of medals will be taken into account to determine the place in the ranking. Since the points will be able to be used to purchase items, they can no longer be used to determine the leaderboard.

The collection of various virtual items can be earned in certain games. The rules by which it can be won are indicated on each item's page. Some items can be purchased using the virtual points that are earned on the site. There are unique items that can only be owned one at a time and others that can be purchased or earned a lot. Each item...
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Date 2021.02.27  Time 11:33  Views 6577  Games Games
How to Play Flash Games in 2022 After January 2021 the Flash Player plugin is no longer officially supported. There are still two ways that you can use to play online flash games in your browser. This website has no relation with the installation files mentioned in this post. These are only instructions, guidelines and links to other websites, which can help you to install an older version of Flash Player which is still working or install the new Ruffle plugin which emulates Flash Player. Have in mind that the older Flash Player version might have security problems, since it is no longer supported and updated, and it is not recommended to install it. We recommend you to use the second variant and install the new plugin Ruffle. It is still in development phase but it develops very fast and already can be used to play...
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Date 2020.11.14  Time 10:51  Views 3759  Games Games
gumball cartoon network
Enter the Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a cartoon series on Cartoon Network. The creator of the series base some of the characters on personages which were previously rejected in his last work. He combines these heroes in a series with mixed thematic - family and school, which was very interesting for Cartoon Network at that time. The series turns around the live of a 12 years old boy cat who is called Gumball Watterson and his friends in an imaginary city called Elmor. There Gumball spends most of his time with his adopted brother golden fish and his best friend Darwin. Other members of his family are his intellectual sister Anais and his father Richart, both of them rabbits, and his mother Nicole - a cat. Gumball is going to school in the local high junior school in Elmor. There he meets his...
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Date 2019.11.09  Time 09:48  Views 2117  Games Games
cartoon network
Victor and Valentino Games in Monte Macabre Victor and Valentino is a cartoon series on the TV channel Cartoon Network. The story takes place in the small and quiet town of Monte Macabre where two completely opposite by character brothers are looking for adventures. They find supernatural events with the help of their grandmother.

Victor Calavera or Vic is the younger half brother who gets bored and excited very easy. He loves to play games and do naughty tricks, but before all he takes care of his brother. Valentino or Val is the olrder brother, who is concerned a lot about his appearance. He has better coordination and is smarter but he also takes care of his brother. He is tummy and very modes, he also knows a lot about the history of the ancient cultures.

Main Characters

Besides the brothers Victor and Valentino...
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Battle for Kingdom
Battle for Kingdom Get ready for an epic and fun battle in this online strategy game. Here your task is to protect your kingdom from demons and monsters. Lead your troops during the defense and place them correctly so that they stop the enemies. Collect the gems and use the collected points to create new soldiers.
Autumn Solitaire TriPeaks
Autumn Solitaire TriPeaks This is a classic fall themed three pin solitaire game. Play 100 different levels and immerse yourself in the colorful leaves of the autumn atmosphere. The goal in the game is to collect all the cards from the playing field. You can collect cards that are adjacent in order to the displayed card in the base. If you have no possible moves, you can open a new card from the deck. The game will end if you open all the cards from the deck and have no more possible moves.
Kitchen Mahjong
Kitchen Mahjong Simplified classic Mahjong game with Girls theme. You can eliminate pair of similar items. You can select only those pairs which have either left or right side open. Hints can help you. Try out the classic Mahjong game. Make connections between the matching tiles while you fight to keep up with the clock. Can you clear the board before time runs out? Saved time will be awarded as bonus.
Become an Animal Dentist
Become an Animal Dentist Take care of the animals' teeth in this fun online game. Get into the role of an animal dentist and treat the teeth of the cute animals in the game. Use the available tools, apply anesthetics, treat caries and plaque in the teeth. Take care of all the patient's problems to complete a level in the game.
Alchemist Puzzle
Alchemist Puzzle Have fun with this online puzzle game and connect the magic elixirs. Make chains of identical alchemy elixirs and collect them to earn points in the game. You can connect identical elixirs that are on adjacent rows. Try to make the longest chain possible before time runs out. Make as many combinations as possible to reach the highest possible score in the game.
Bread Delicious
Bread Delicious Collect wheat and other grains on the farm in this online puzzle game. Bread is one of the main and favorite foods on the table. To get delicious bread, you need very small grains of wheat or other cereals. They are grown by hardworking farmers all over the world. In this game you can transport yourself to a farm where the work does not stop. Your task is to collect the required number of grains in each level. Make long lines of identical beans to collect them and reach the goal as fast as possible to get a higher score.
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