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Find the Nightingale Embark on an exciting adventure with a cute banana in this puzzle game with hidden objects. Here your task will be to find a little bird. The game will take you on a journey through different settlements, forests and fields to reach the final goal. Each level will take you to a different location. The goal in each level is to find the fruits and other objects from the list at the top. Slide the screen and find all the targets. Be quick and complete the levels as fast as possible to get a higher score in the game.

You can play 20 levels in the free version of the game for Android. You can install the game for Android from here:

Play 12 levels in the online version of the game for free here: Find the Nightingale.

The game includes many little fruits. You will have to look...
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Date 2023.10.13  Time 21:12  Views 1078  Functions Functions
New additional features in the site The site has new collections of items and new special additional features. The new features are locked by default. When the relevant conditions are met, these features become available to registered users of the site. Special functions are, for example, the following:

- Name color change
- Changing the color of the site
- Get twice as many points from leaderboards

There is a new option to change the name color in the user settings page. With this feature, users will be able to choose what color their name should be displayed on all pages of the site. This feature will be available after all items from the Fruits collection have been collected.

The site color change feature was already available from the profile settings. It now requires the user to have reached level ten to...
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Date 2023.07.01  Time 13:24  Views 1336  Functions Functions
Candies in the game leaderboards Candies have been added as additional rewards in game leaderboards. Each rank from 4 to 6 gives one candy. The number of candies is taken into account in the main ranking of players on the site, in case the number of all medals is the same. Each candy also gives a certain number of points.

The number of points that the medals give has also been updated. The number of points on the site remains as the next ranking criteria, it is taken into account after the number of the candies.

These are the main rewards given in the game leaderboards:

80 points for each gold medal
40 points for each silver medal
20 points for each bronze medal
10 points for 4th to 6th place in the ranking
1 point for 7th to 20th place in ranking

It should be noted that if a player has already won,...
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Date 2022.09.30  Time 13:05  Views 1872  Functions Functions
New Rules and Items Collection From October 2022, the site will have a renewed design and new ranking rules. Additionally, there will be a new collection of items that can be earned in games or purchased with virtual points.

Ranking rules on the site are subject to change. As more number of medals will be taken into account to determine the place in the ranking. Since the points will be able to be used to purchase items, they can no longer be used to determine the leaderboard.

The collection of various virtual items can be earned in certain games. The rules by which it can be won are indicated on each item's page. Some items can be purchased using the virtual points that are earned on the site. There are unique items that can only be owned one at a time and others that can be purchased or earned a lot. Each item...
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How to Play Flash Games in 2022 After January 2021 the Flash Player plugin is no longer officially supported. There are still two ways that you can use to play online flash games in your browser. This website has no relation with the installation files mentioned in this post. These are only instructions, guidelines and links to other websites, which can help you to install an older version of Flash Player which is still working or install the new Ruffle plugin which emulates Flash Player. Have in mind that the older Flash Player version might have security problems, since it is no longer supported and updated, and it is not recommended to install it. We recommend you to use the second variant and install the new plugin Ruffle. It is still in development phase but it develops very fast and already can be used to play...
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gumball cartoon network
Enter the Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a cartoon series on Cartoon Network. The creator of the series base some of the characters on personages which were previously rejected in his last work. He combines these heroes in a series with mixed thematic - family and school, which was very interesting for Cartoon Network at that time. The series turns around the live of a 12 years old boy cat who is called Gumball Watterson and his friends in an imaginary city called Elmor. There Gumball spends most of his time with his adopted brother golden fish and his best friend Darwin. Other members of his family are his intellectual sister Anais and his father Richart, both of them rabbits, and his mother Nicole - a cat. Gumball is going to school in the local high junior school in Elmor. There he meets his...
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Innocent Hexa Puzzle
Innocent Hexa Puzzle This is a fun logic game with stacking puzzles. The game has unusual puzzle pieces that have six sides. At the beginning of each level you can briefly look at the whole picture. Then you have to try to put the pieces of the puzzle in the right places. Collect the whole picture as fast as you can to get a higher score in the game.
Jump Jousts Jam
Jump Jousts Jam Join the cartoon characters in this online jumping fighting game. Here you can play with cartoon characters from Teen Titans, Adventure Time, Gumball, We Bear Bears and others. Choose your favorite character and start the battle. You can play in different game modes against the computer or in a game for two. Every time you win the tournament, you will be able to unlock different new costumes for the characters or a new game mode.
Find 5 Differences
Find 5 Differences This is another fun online puzzle spot the difference game. Here you will meet many funny cartoon characters. Look carefully at the two pictures and try to find the five differences. You can note the differences found in the picture below. Find all the differences as fast as possible to get a better score in the game.
Village of Monsters
Village of Monsters This is an exciting puzzle game with monsters and matching blocks. Swap the places of two adjacent blocks to make a group of three or more of the same in a row or column. Keep making combinations until you clear and unlock all the blocks. Use various additional skills to improve your scores. The game has 36 fascinating levels.
Save the Sheep
Save the Sheep Play with the sheep in the field in this online logic game. This game will provide you with a series of challenging logic tasks. Here your task is to save the sheep from the wolves and other dangers. Protect the sheep by fencing them with wooden fences so that the wolves cannot reach them.
Spot 5 Differences
Spot 5 Differences This is a fun online spot the difference game. Look carefully at the two pictures and find all the differences. At first glance, the pictures look the same, but if you look closely, you will find many differences. Find all the differences as fast as possible to get a high score in the game.
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